Eco Code

This is the Cookstown High School Eco Code and is displayed in every classroom in the school


Schools should be healthy, so try to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Use things as many times as possible before throwing them away.

Save water by turning off taps.

Try to buy local or fair trade produce.

Always put litter in the correct bins provided.

If you can, walk, cycle, take the bus or share cars.

Nurture the outdoor environment.

Always shut windows and doors when the heating is on.

Be careful not to leave things on standby.

Lights use lots of energy: turn them off when you don’t need them.

Enjoy the benefits of an eco friendly environment.

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News Articles - Eco Team

  • Litter Pick

    21 March 2017
    Year 8 pupils who recently carried out a litter pick at Courthouse Avenue.  This area was adopt...
  • 2016-17 Eco Team

    28 October 2016
    The new 2016-17 CHS Eco Team! Our first event is the annual Clothes Recycling Event from 21st t...
  • Eco team supporting 'Fairtrade'

    06 April 2016
    The Eco Team met recently to plan activities for the rest of the school year and took the opportunit...
  • Clothes Recycling Week

    15 October 2015
    Our annual clothes recycling week will take place from 19th to 23rd October. During this week staff ...
  • Eco team needs you!

    20 May 2015
    The Eco Team are back working in the Eco Garden. If any pupil would like to join the Eco Team next y...
  • Eco Week

    28 April 2015
    The CHS Eco Team recently held their annual Eco Week. During the week Year 8 classes learned about t...
  • It's Eco week!

    21 April 2015
    From 20th -25th April the school will be engaged in various Eco actvities - from learning how to bet...
  • New flowerbeds in Eco Garden

    29 September 2014
    Cookstown High School and Holy Trinity College Eco pupils have been planting new flowerbeds in the E...
  • Eco Team 2014/15

    26 September 2014
    The new 2014-15 Cookstown High School Eco Team who are planning Eco activities for the new school ye...
  • Eco Garden

    10 September 2014
    The Eco Team have been hard at work in the Eco Garden in preparation for the PTF barbeque on Friday ...
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