School Aid Romania

27 April 2015

20150208 163738There are two main aims of the School Aid Romania trip. The first is to offer assistance to those in need in Romania. The second is to bring two different schools from different communities together.

Year 13 pupils travel as a group with students from St. Patrick’s Grammar, Armagh and whilst there, work with orphans, handicapped children and adults, street children and homeless adults.  Throughout the week they bring aid in the form of clothes, toiletries, food, medical supplies and other basic necessities. 

Before travelling the students must undertake fundraising to buy the different types of aid required.  Pupils work from October to January on fundraising, organising different events both inside and outside the school.

Pupils come back from this trip which many memories which will stay with them for life.  It is a trip that makes them think and one in which they are challenged to reflect on their own lives and behaviour……”This really begins to make you think about the different luxuries we have in life but don’t need, in order to survive – and yet we take those simple things for granted, especially our education.  It makes you think about the life we could have had, compared to the life we do have and how selfish we are as human beings.  We have friends that support us, family who love us, teachers that provide us with an education.  We all should take advantage of it and embrace what we have in our lives, because it could have turned out so very different for us.”

Pupils who travel each year come back and share their experiences in a whole school assembly environment.  This is how they finished off their assembly "….As a group we feel that this trip has been one of the best experiences that we have ever had and we would recommend to anybody who gets a chance next year to definitely take up the opportunity, just to see how people live and how lucky we are to have such amazing facilities.  We would also encourage those who plan on going, to start fundraising now because no matter how much money you think you have raised, from our experience, it is never enough as there is so much more we could have done.”


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