Geography - AS/A2 level

By studying GCE Geography you will learn about geographical concepts and processes, interactions between people and their environment, the challenges of sustainability and the importance of attitudes and values.

Geography is relevant, stimulating and interesting- this course will provide you with the opportunity to gain transferable skills such as communication, teamwork, analysing, investigation, IT and map reading.

If you are interested in the world around you and would like to understand more about different cultures and environments that surround you, then GCE Geography would be an excellent choice of study.

The Geography Department at CHS is innovative, engaging and aims to challenge students to think about the world around us. The department uses Magilligan Field Centre to aid the development of fieldwork techniques and skills. Geographical enquiry is an essential component of the GCE course, and our classes complete fieldwork on coastal processes, sand dune ecosystems, tourism and air pollution as part of their AS and A2 courses.

Geography is a subject that helps young people into work. Many employers prize the knowledge and skills that studying geography can provide and geography in higher education is thriving.

Geography is highly valued by universities as an A Level choice. The Russell Group report published in 2011 names geography as one of the eight facilitating subjects. This is a subject most likely to be required or preferred for entry to degree courses and choosing facilitating subjects will keep more options open to you at university.

Your A Level geography course will cover both the physical and human environments and the complex interaction of processes that shape our world. It will also, importantly, show the applied side of the subject - how human intervention affects the environment and how people adapt and mitigate the effects of processes on their environment. This is complex and dynamic and varies from place to place depending on people’s resources, technology and culture. There is plenty of room for discussion and extended research which will help you become an independent thinker and learner by the time you get to your exams you will be able to show your understanding of a range of opinions and be able to illustrate your answers with case studies from local, National and international examples.

You will learn in a wide variety of ways such as by using maps, GIS skills, data analysis, photos, videos, podcasts, as well as attending lectures and study days. You will be encouraged to frame your own questions using higher level thinking skills and showing your grasp of complex issues through report and essay writing.



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