Home Economics - GCSE

Key features of GCSE Home Economics

  • Allows students to progress from the Key Stage 3 content to A Level Home Economics and other related courses, where appropriate.
  • Content is divided into three manageable units.
  • Course is assessed through one written paper (40%) and two controlled assessment tasks (one with a 40% weighting and one with a 20% weighting).

Diet and Health

Students have opportunities to demonstrate the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary for providing healthy diets for family members throughout life.  They learn to recognise that family members have different dietary needs and that food choice is affected by social, economic, environmental, cultural, physiological and psychological factors.

Topics include:

 ·    Government advice on healthy eating

 ·    Nutrients in food

 ·    Food labelling

 ·    Nutrition throughout the lifecycle

 ·    Dietary disorders

 ·    Special diets

 ·    Current food issues

 ·    Food safety

 ·    Creativity and food


The Home Economics Department avails of cookery demonstrations from a variety of outside agencies, where possible e.g. the Livestock and Meat Commission, the Dairy Council and NI Seafood.

Consumer Awareness

Students have opportunities to apply knowledge, understanding and skills as discerning and effective managers of resources.  They learn to recognise how choices can be influences by personal, social, cultural, economic and environmental factors.


Topics include:

 ·  Being an effective consumer

 ·  Shopping influences

 ·  Money matters

 ·  Wise purchasing


Through studying GCSE Home Economics, pupils will have the opportunities to develop:

 Ø      the means to follow a broad, coherent, satisfying and worthwhile course of study;

 Ø      the knowledge, understanding and skills (including practical skills) required for Home economics;

 Ø      their knowledge and understanding of human needs within a multicultural society;

 Ø      their knowledge and understanding of relevant technological and scientific developments;

 Ø      a critical and analytical approach to decision-making and problem-solving in relation to the specified content;

 Ø      the ability to examine issues that affect the quality of human life, including an appreciation of diversity;

 Ø      the ability to evaluate choices and decisions, to develop as informed and discerning consumers; and

 Ø      the ability to actively engage in the processes of Home Economics to develop as effective and independent learners. 

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