Home Economics - A level

Exam board: CCEA

Course description

This subject focuses on the health and well-being of people in their everyday lives.  The course will help enable pupils to address increasingly complex challenges related to human needs and the management of resources to meet those needs.

A genuine interest in current social and consumer issues and an enthusiasm for learning will help pupils in this course.


AS 1: Nutrition for Optimal Health exam - 50% of AS/25% of GCE)

Ø      Micro and macro-nutrients and other dietary constituents. 

Ø      Nutritional considerations through the life span.


AS 2: Priority Health Issues (exam - 50% of AS/25% of GCE)

Ø      Current research in relation to diet and health, mental health and sexual health.

Ø      Targets, strategies, initiatives and campaigns for optimising health.



A2 1: Consumer Issues (exam - 25% of GCE)

Ø      Main consumer issues in today’s society: food safety, ethics, financial management, consumer information, consumer protection and redress.

Ø      Year 14 ‘A’ Level Home Economics students usually visit Loughry College to attend a Consumer Buying Behaviour Syllabus Support Seminar each year.  This includes ‘hot topics’ such as the effect of food advertising on children, nutritional labelling on food products and the impact of e-commerce on consumer buying behaviour.


A2 2: Research-based assignment (Term 1 coursework - 25% of GCE)

Ø      Pupils select a research area from any of the other 3 units and produce a report (including primary and secondary research) of no more than 4,000 words.  The assignment provides good opportunities for students to demonstrate appropriate knowledge, understanding and skills demanded by the research process.

 The A2 course provides a good foundation for higher education courses and for a range of interesting careers.

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