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Cookstown High School, Cookstown

BAE Systems VIP tour for CHS Young Innovators

23rd Nov 2017

UK Young Engineer winners of the "BAE Inspired Work Award"; TJ Lindsay, Simon Paine, Roan Anderson and Jack Scott along with teachers Mr Johnston and Mr Agnew were treated to a VIP trip to BAE systems factory and test facility at Warton Aerodrome.

The UK young Engineer award was presented to Cookstown High Schools's PiView Alternative Energy team for their work developing a vertical wind turbine, at the Big Bang For Schools event in March 2017. The vertical wind turbine was manufactured with the support of CDE Global in Cookstown.

BAE systems site in Warton is used for final assembly and testing of the Hawk Training Jet, Eurofighter Typhoon Jet along with research, development and pilot training facilities.

The pupils were given VIP guided tours through all assembly facilities, with opportunities to meet and speak to engineers and fitters while getting up close to some very impressive jets and technology.

The Hawk jet is manufactured for pilot training using traditional imperial measurement and jigs while the Eurofighter Typhoon is manufactured using high levels of technology along with the use of new composite materials and fibers to increase strength and reduce weight.

Pupils had the opportunity to learn about the aircrafts military capability along with detailed engagement and explanations of how quality is ensured at all stages.

The training faculty provided pupils with the chance to try a flight simulator with TJ Lindsay showing his past flight experience as fastest pupil. Mr Agnew's driving did not encourage others to take the passenger’s seat, while Mr Johnston needed a copilot to avoid crashing.

The training facility has recently introduced the use of VR Headset technology and the use of Augmented Reality Technology to training both pilots and ground crew in the use and maintenance of their Jets. Pupils and staff were blown away by the immersive reality of the experience provided by this technology and heard how the company plans future development and integration of this technology into their training processes.

The BAE site at Warton and sister site a few miles away also are involved in manufacture of the F-35 and Tyranus (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle).

The visit was described by pupils as "truly inspirational" and gave a real insight into engineering, precision manufacturing and the future use of technology in training.

The pupils involved in the project are each considering university applications in a range of fields of engineering.

The weather station and alternative energy projects developed by the PiView team have won seven high profile awards over a two year period. The same pupils now hope to share some of what they have learned though taking up roles as mentors for Entries to Sentinus Young Innovators 2018.

Their 2018 project proposals include:

-a near space Balloon Launch

-investigating Magnetic Resonance of Ferro Oil

-3D CAD and 3D printing technology to make Lego figures

-using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to create an immersive tour of a historic site/property

(Speak to these pupils directly if you are interested in getting involved.)

Congratulations again the PiView Alternative Energy team on their continued success and to all staff, individuals and companies who have supported them along the way.