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Cookstown High School, Cookstown

Languages for life

6th Feb 2020

On Tuesday 4th February in Queen’s University Belfast, Amy, Abbie, Katie and Molly, took part in FRANCOFEST, a French language event, unique in Northern Ireland, which aims to highlight the benefits language learning can bring to our pupils. Our year 10 pupils set up and ran a simulated tourist information office. They were met and judged by professional linguists, had a guided tour of the Queen’s University Belfast campus and listened to a talk on the importance of the French language and the relevance of language skills for employability.

“ Francofest was a fun experience and a chance to practise language skills. We all had a blast practising beforehand and, on the lead, up to the competition with our teachers. We really enjoyed the Francofest experience and we feel like it helped our French skills. It showed us the opportunities at Queen’s University. After Francofest, we got a tour of the campus and it really showed us what was up for grabs! Overall, we all really enjoyed Francofest because of the skills and the experience it granted us for life!”

Bravo les filles ! En voilà une belle expérience ! Dr Ranchoux